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Color Paper Machine



▲Install the equipment, forbid to live-wire work!  
▲Connect the power, please according to safely uses electricity strictly! 
▲please install the special –grounding line for equipment!  
▲please according to the tank operation strictly!    
▲do not shoot to person or animals!     
▲connect system truly, and then connect power supply!

Product Introduction:
The Confetii Paper Machine is our company stage special effect product, it is used for professional stage company, the product design with a completely new appearance. superb technology, unique technical performance, compared with the other products in our company's leading products. it set the stage for many of the effect of the experience and learn from the strengths of stage magic equipment to function, Compatibility better, more simple operation for the purpose, and give full consideration to the needs of creative Costume division. The main features and technical specifications for these products are as follows:
1. Large sendout papers,spray high to 20-30 m,can cover 600 m2 area
2. Working air pressure:6-7 KG
3. Power supply: 220V (50-60HZ).

System Connection
Open and check box。
Before open the package please check it whether is completely. If discovered the packing case damaged in the transportation process, please notice Transportation Company, remain the damage packing case to take the evidence, in order to claim to Transportation Company.
Product packing list is as follows:
(1)、One pc Confetti Machine.
(2)、One hose (if tank inside version, the tank and hose are in machine).
(3)、One book of Instruction Installs the method
Product Sketch Map:


1. Remove the aircraft shelters from Machine.
2. Take artillery barrel out and put it right into the spray mouth in the machine, screw right, make sure it is tight enough so that artillery barrel is fixed in the machine.
3. Open plane doors at bottom of the machine, use rapid connector with hose, and then connect the other head of hose with tank.
4. Connect the cable from machine to the Console control.
5. Open the active cover, then put confetti in box and cover it.
6. Turn on the power of controller, it will work and spray confetti out high.
7. End, first turn off power, release the remaining gas in the tank. Disconnect the control cables.

1, Make sure the tank and valve are closed, and there are no pressure in hose when you connect hose with rapid connector in the machine.
2. Please loose the confetti when you put them in machine, make sure pieces of thin paper are not glued closed.

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