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Confetti Tornado



The machine is our new product in 2012, it could be used for long-distance feeding confetti to all kinds of confetti machines,can keep offering confetti continuously. Because of its distance feed functions, you could insulate the noise from the distance, creating a quiet and beautiful colorful confetti effects at the scene, and will not destroy the performance effects because of the working sound of the motor in the show!
Besides. you can use this machine working with two accessories (scattered machine/blow machine) to turn the machine into a confetti machine or blow machine, creating a magical confetti effect for stage show.
This machine is controlled by power, you can adjust the confetti conveying speed by manual to match up the stage performance. It is easy to operate, and outstanding effects, suitable for concert, wedding party, TV show and large party.

Technical parameter:
Power supply: AC220V/110V, 50/60 Hz
Power: 2 Kw
Control mode: power control
Max feeding distance: 30 M
Size: 132*120*63 Cm
Weight: 152 Kg
Fitting: scattered machine, blow machine, hose (8M)
Hose diameter: 10 Cm
Packing: Flight case

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